Suryachaur hiking

Suryachaur hiking

February 15, 2019 11 Responses Shreeram

Suryachaur hiking is the best for to see the tallest Himalayas of Nepal. Kakani to suryachaur hiking is a best destination for hiking. The Himalayan nation has a more than 6,000 Peaks on its north border linking with Tibet. In this range there are 8 peaks including Mt Everest. Hiking to the Himalaya might take long time but that tourist who have a very short period and want to enjoy the Himalayan scenery Surya chaur is best option. Surya chaur is the super view point of the chain of Mountain like Mt Manaslu 8167 meter , Mt.Ganesh Himal, Mt.Langtang Lirung, Mt.Dorje Lakpa and holy Gauri Shanker peak. This is also very quite so you can enjoy over here. The green hill around surya chaur eliminate your fatigue and bring you new energy. As you are in the top of the hill you can observe the far distance from there. The country side of Nuwakot is perfectly visible from here. Surya Chaur is wide and flat hillock.

Location of suryachaur hiking

The magnificent view point suryachaur is located in the north of Kathmandu along the Dipendra Highway. This is a part of Shiva Puri National Park. Situated in the elevation of 2100m is a perfect destination for viewing the entire valley of Kathmandu and Nuwakot Likhu Phat. From here people also go to Langtang valley trek, Gosainkunda pass trek

Getting Surya Chaur

Surya Chaur is very near from Kathmandu. There is a Local bus service up to Thana Bhanjyang. The bus is available from samakhusi chowk Kathmandu and goes up to the Gurje mod. If you go through local bus you have to leave the bus here. Before Thana Bhanjyang there is a check post where you get the entrance permit of National park. You must take the permit with you. There is a wide trekking trail up to the surya chaur which might take 1 hour to be there. If you are willing to bring the private vehicle like 4*4 wheel that goes up to the top of Surya chaur . You may also use the local taxi. It is up to you.

Weather and plan

The hiking is very best when weather is perfect. The Himalayas can be seen if there good weather otherwise it is less worthy. The north side of Kathmandu must be clear before you start your hike. It does not take more than 4-5 hours so you can start any time you like. But I recommend you to do after breakfast early in the morning. The weather generally good early in the morning.

People and culture

Surya chaur is located at hillock so you must visit the village if you want to know about local culture and traditions . There is village called Gurung Gaun where you can see mix culture of Tamang and Gurung People. Most of the people in the village perform different types of cultural and ritual ceremonies but you must be lucky to see this. Barakhi and weeding ceremonies are special.

Hiking preparation

Hikers are required to wear a warm jacket and trousers or comfortable any kind of pants. Since it is on the hillock, quite windy. Often people feel very cold here. If you are going to spend few moments here then it’s good idea to bring warm jacket too. It is 12 months cold area.

Food and accommodation

Surya chaur hikingThe view from from surya chaur. The perfect view of langtang himalayan range

A hiker often goes there for 2-3 hours. That is the reason there is no good accommodation but there is good local restaurant where you will get the typical Nepali food as well as some western food too.

Drinking Water

It is very necessary to bring the drinking water with you. You can get mineral water in Kathmandu before you start your hiking. Untill Surya chaur you can’t buy the mineral water.

Get back from Suryachaur

Surya chaur hiking Ganesh Himal viewThe Ganesh Himal Range from Surya chhaur

If you have a private vehicle then it is not a problem for you to back Kathmandu. If you go there through public vehicle don’t worry . First of all you should come to army check post. Tell them to stop the bus they will definitely help you to find the local bus from there to Samakhusi Kathmandu. You can then take taxi.
Managing this you can do perfect small hiking.
Enjoy your hiking Good Luck

11 Responses

  1. Suryachaur hiking is best hiking route around kathmandu valley, I have been there one and liked it a lot. The way is quite difficult, but i hope it will change soon.

  2. A very informative web page for the travelers who are going to Kathmandu and want to hike for a day. it should be very nice hiking with the view of Himalays

  3. awesome post for the hiking around Kathmandu city. If you can see the mountain then it is very best destination to go for your day hike.

  4. I love this article so much. I am planning to visit Kathmandu Next month and i will have a some time in Kathmandu to utilize this i was thinking about to hike somewhere where i can see the mountain and enjoy the nature. This seems very good to me. My question is how to go there? Can you go with the car nearest place and walk there? Is there hotel to have a lunch or just some light snacks??

    best Regards

  5. I am very happy to read this post regarding the hiking around the Kathmandu. I often listen from the people that Nagarkot is best destination but i don’t like the crowd and even it is quite far from Kathmandu as well so for a Day Hike SURYACHAUR Hiking would be very nice. Next time when i go to kathmandu for business meting i definitely go there.

    Thank you shreeram for the awesome post.

  6. Yes last year i was in Kathmandu but we went to another hiking called Nagarkot Hiking i did not like that much. We should had to do this, but nest time when i come to Nepal i obviously do it, without any doubts.

    Thank you Nepal Trek Hub For such a awesome post


  7. The article is very nice and the photograph is awesome. I am very much delighted to see this article thank you so much for the writer, Keep writing..

  8. The article is really awesome, i like this place a lot, If i go to Kathmandu i would really go there for some hours to spent the time and take the view of Himalayas.

    Thank you for the article writer.


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