Trekking information to trek Nepal

the following are the information that how we operate the trip to you. there are numerous tips regarding your trip please read it carefully and get idea about your trekking and tours of Nepal.

Trekking information regarding hotel and accommodation on trek

We provide you tourist standard hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara while on a trek Lodge/Teahouse where the room has a basic amenities, normally just a bed with a pillow and blankets, most of the tea house has a light in a room however they don’t have a charging plug. We try to offer you a better one as far as possible. Generally, our guide books accommodation via phone. it is always not possible, therefore, sometimes porter go ahead of the group to book the required number of rooms for the group.

Trekking information regarding transportation while on trek

We provide private vehicles for the airport transfers as well as necessary transfer to wherever is necessary. If in case you want to take a vehicle which is not mentioned in the plan you have to bear yourself but we will try to negotiate with the vehicle owner.

Trekking information regarding electricity and battery charges on trek:

There is electricity available most of the village. Even there is no electricity they have a solar power. You can recharge your stuff by paying however it is better if you have a solar charger with you which can charge your mobile phone. If you have a spear battery for your camera would be very best to you.

Trekking information regarding foods and drinks on trek

The meals are included in our trek price. The guide will pay for breakfast, lunch, Dinner, and accommodation while you would choose which item you would like to have. Any of those such as tea, coffee, wine, beer, dessert, chocolate guest have to pay by themselves.

Trekking information regarding Luggage for trek.

Your luggage will be carry by the porter at 2:1 ratio. Which means two guest luggage for 1 porter. We would recommend you to bring big rucksack however duffle bag would be also fine. Guest have their small day pack with water bottle, camera, sunscreen, spare jacket, and etc. During the trek, as small loads allow you for full enjoyment of the trek. We would recommend you to leave unnecessary stuff at Kathmandu or Pokhara hotel. Because porter will carry 25 Kg.

Trekking information regarding Guide and Porter on Trek:

We provide trained, experienced and professional trekking guide and strong and experienced porters for the trek, A porter for every 2 trekkers and a porter carry about 20 Kg (10 Kg from each trekker). If there are more than 10 people in the group then we will provide you additional 1 Guide for the trek.