Nepal tour is a big opportunity to Know about Nepal

Nepal tour can be done any time in a year. it is a small country which has all things that a perfect country should have from nature. That is the reason people say paradise. The country is full of a mountain in the north, side while in the south terai. There are 10 world heritage sites, among them, 7 is in the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is the historical city where there are three royal palaces. Royal palaces another name is durbar square. Patan, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are three cities inside the valley.

Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur city historical place of Nepal tour

There is 3 durbar square in the respective city which was build in 300-400 years ago. These all city were a separate kingdom. Prithivi Narayan Saha who unified it to one single state, then it became Nepal. In all this durbar square you can see the wood and stone architecture as well as incent city. Temples and monuments have covered the area of Durbar square. Museum has a storage of old things. In Kathmandu durbar square you can also see the living goddess Kumari.

Pashupatinath Temple a cultural part of Nepal tour

This is the most popular and holy place for hindu. People from all over the world visit this temple once in a life. This is the oldest temple of Nepal. Lord shiva is in this temple. There are many temple around it.You can even see how Hindu do funeral.

Don’t miss Chitwan National park on Nepal tour

Chitwan national park is UNESCO World Heritage site. In the southern region of Nepal, the jungles of Chitwan National Park await you with wildlife experiences like no other. Track wild royal Bengal tigers and watch one-horned rhinos bathe in rivers alongside great Asiatic elephants. If you want to quench your thirst for nature, Chitwan National Park is where you should be. You can do jeep safari, Elephant safari here. this is the second best place that tourist goes after Kathmandu.

Pokhara best city of Nepal tour

Pokhara is located at the leap of Annapurna Himalayan range. It is 200km west from Kathmandu. Nature gifted city which has a 7 natural lake, many temples as well as cave. this is second largest tourism destination place after Kathmandu.

Entrance Fee in Nepal for different tourist spot

Bhaktapur Durbar SquareFreeUS$ 15NPR 500
Ethnographic Museum, NTB30 NPR200 NPR200 NPR
Changu NarayanFreeNPR 300NPR 100
Bouddha StupaFreeNPR 400NPR 100
Kantipur Durbar SquareFreeNPR 1000NPR 250
Mahabouddha TempleFreeNPR 50NPR 30
Narayanhiti Durbar Museum100 NPR (Student 20)500 NPR250 NPR
National Art Museum, Bhaktapur20 NPR100 NPR50 NPR
National Museum, Chhauni20 NPR200 NPR25 NPR
Pashupatinath TempleFreeNPR 1000 (only for Hindu)NPR 1000
Patan Durbar SquareFreeNPR 1000 (patan museum Including)NPR 250
Patan Golden TempleFreeNPR 50NPR 20
Swayambhu MahachaityaFreeNPR 200NPR 50