Since it has been very long time that tourism has started to Nepal but even though the participation of the female is very low. generally the female are dominated by male in Nepal. same thing happen in tourism as well most of the tourism industry sectors has been captured by male. in Nepal we talk about women rights their capability just in formal program but we don’t really concerned while we implement everything. female are also capable to do everything that mail do in tourism sector. we have seen many female guide around the globe likewise here in Nepal also we want to engage the female to tourism sector. every year the Government of Nepal has been producing numerous number of women guide but they are just become a guide by the licence but in reality they don’t have job I want to have them to get the job.

Why do I need female guide Nepal while I travel

well it’s a great questions. if you are traveling to Nepal and wish to take the service of guide then you must concern about female guide. whether you are doing tour in the City going to mountain for trek. Female guide are always best for your travel. They guide you better than mail in every aspect. whether it is trek or tour take female guide. as we already mentioned above female guide paint a lot of money to get the licence of tour and Trek. without getting job they cannot retention their money. its huge investment to be a guide you are in Nepal. so as a Traveler please concern yourself because your small if it can be very great for them. female guides Nepal help you to know many things. They describe you cultures, history, religion geography, topography, flora and fauna, architecture, natural things and so on.

Why female guide Nepal for travel

Female guides will be ideal for solo female travelers as they are accompanied by not only a guide, but a companion with whom they can share common feelings, understand each other better and feel safe while traveling.
Female guide also guide you on trekking, hiking, peak climbing, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding and many others.
Our female guide speaks a good English and gives you sufficient information.
Female guide are very best for a women traveller who prefer to take a female as a guide.
To provide the equal opportunity in tourism it is very important to women.

Why hire Nepal tour guide with us

  • We provide both female and male guide but we give priority to Female guide
  • Offer you female guide for Nepal tour, Kathmandu valley tour, and many tour as well as trekking.
  • We will be your travel companion to whole Nepal. It is a new place for you so we will help you to know about all basic things like wearing, eating and personal manner.
  • If by some circumstance if you have to cancel the trip, we will negotiate by the mutual understandings.
  • We are a team of professionals. We believe in professionals in the tourism sector.
  • Our whole team is honest and efficient. The team is capable to deliver the service to the clients.
  • Our main aim is to make the clients happy as much as possible. Clients care is our duty.
  • One of the tour aspects is the timetable. We follow the time strictly. But if you request to customize the plan we are ready.
  • Sharing the things that we know is our great achievement. We always want to share the information as much as we can. We will give you much more information about the tourism spot.
  • While on tour we will give you some time to explore yourself and you can walk around.
  • When you are on tour. You may want to buy a souvenir for your friends and family. That is good we will be patient and wait for you until you finish shopping.

Our female guide nepal

Shreejana Upreti

Shreejana Upreti Shreejana Upreti is an young and energetic female tour guide of Nepal. She was Born in South part of Nepal and moved to Kathmandu for her master degree. She have been guiding to the people around the world since 6 years as a tour guide. She have taken Necessary licence and training to become a professional city guide. Being a guide she have been to all around Nepal and she is also a trekking guide. She has a good scene of humor plus attractive personality with this she can influence the people very quickly.Choose Shreejana as your tour guide.

Sarala Nepal

Sarala NepalSarala Nepal is a highly educated as well as self motive, enthusiastic tour and trekking guide of Nepal. A nuwakot born girl shifted to kathmandu for her studies. She has been doing master degree in tourism management. Involved in different INGOS in the past but Now she is totally focused on tourism. She do tour inside kathmandu valley pokhara citwan as well as trek in Langtang, Annapurna and Everest.Book Sarala Nepal as your tour Guide today

Sushma Thapa

Sushma Thapa

Born in the leap at Kanchenjunga Mountain far east of Nepal Sushma has a high ambitions in guiding in Nepal. She is professional licence holder tour guide of Nepal. She have been doing guiding since 4-5 years. Guiding is her passion. She is very happy when she can share her knowledge about Nepal religion culture and history. Book Sushmas as your tour guide

Sudeepa Nepal

Sudeepa Nepal
A young girl from the Kavrepalanchowk is currently guiding the tourist in Nepal. She has been doing master degree in journalism as well. She took the Training from NATHAM and became a professional tour guide. On the guiding she have been to all above the Nepal. She prefers to serve the guest with bombarding information about Nepal. From the early of her career to till now she is doing better and better evryday.

Sharmila Lama

Sharmila Tamang
A french speaking tour guide is energetic and has a leading capacity. She teaches the french language to the students as well as. She has completed a Tour Guide training from NATHAM and started guiding. It has been 3 ,4 years. she prefers this occupation so much.

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