manaslu trek

Manaslu trek

Manaslu trek a peaceful and adventure trekking holiday

Manaslu trek route is located in a Manaslu conservation area. The Manaslu trek offers a variety of trekking options. The routes are Manaslu trekking, Manaslu Tsum valley trek, Tsum valley trek. The Manaslu trek also known as Manaslu circuit trek starts from Arughat Bazaar Gorkha. Besisahar is a finishing point of Manaslu trekking. Beshisahar is a Annapurna circuit trek starting point. The eighth highest mountain of the world Manaslu 8153 m lies on Mansiri Himalayan range of Nepal. Mansiri Himalayan range lies on the border of Lamjung and Gorkha. It has a three big mountain Manaslu, 8,153 m, Himalchuli, 7,893 m, Ngadi Chuli, 7,871 m. The trek trail always follows from the bank of Budi Gandaki river. It has an amazing landscape as well as challenging pass called larke la pass. There are many other peak as well to explore. Other peaks also above the 6000 m.

Why Manaslu trek?

Manaslu trek has three peaceful and adventure trekking trail. there are many trekking trails. Some of them are challenging as well. if you are nature lovers and adventure seekers it is better to go in this Manaslu trek. The trek starts from the Elevation of 640m from sea level Arughat. The trail goes via the side of the Budi Gandaki river.

Manaslu conservation area

Manaslu Conservation Area (MCA), declared on December 28, 1998 is the second conservation area under NTNC management. A mountainous region Manaslu is in the northern part of Gorkha District. MCA extended on a 1,663 sq. km. the area with 7 VDCs. There are about 9,000 inhabitants living in MCA. 2,000 species of plants, 33 mammals, 110 birds, 3 reptiles and 11 butterflies in 11 types of forest have been reported from the area. On this national park forested zone, birch, juniper, blue pines, firs, bamboo, and rhododendron grow. Above this zone, the vegetation is dwarf-sized or comprises shrubs.

Manaslu trekking has a amazing landscape

Manaslu trekking is located in a north of Gorkha District on the Bank of Budi Gandaki River. It has a abudant natural beauty. The landscape is awesome. The lower part of the valley is very steep and narrow while upper part is very wide and flat. You have to walk through the bank of Budi Gandaki all the way up to Dharmasala while you are on trek. you will see some small village side by side from the trail. From samagaun the trail is a bit flat in Manaslu trek. Trekkers can see Manaslu, Himalchuli and other mountains. While in tsum the trail get’s flat from the Chekampar. There is flat land in Tsum valley where people grow potatoes, barley and buckwheat. You can see Ganesh Himal Range, Sringi Himal, Bauddha Himal and Himalchuli from Tsum valley.

Manaslu trek People and Culture and religion

There are two ethnicities mainly inhabiting this Manaslu trekking. They are Nubri and Tsum. Nubri is popular trekking zone after Nepal opened itself for the tourism in 1950. Tsum still retains much of its traditional culture, art, and tradition. In the lower hills of the region, Gurungs are the main ethnic group. Closer to Tibet, the Bhutias (also spelled Bhotias). Tibetan ethnic group dominate the area of Nubri(Manaslu trek) and Tsum (Tsum valley trek). There are so many monasteries in this region. Tsum valley has 6-7 Monastries while manslu also have some. They practice Buddhism in the monastery. In tsum valley there is Female monastery which is also Known as an (ani monastery) women Monastery where female monks practise Buddhism.

Manaslu trek entry fee

Annapurna Permit:3000 Rs with inclusive VAT for Annapurna conservation area (Because you are going on Annapurna region as well)
Permit of Manaslu:3000 Rs with inclusive VAT for Manaslu conservation area (Because you are going on Annapurna region as well)
Trek area Season/Month
Manaslu Region (Lho, Samagaun, Prok, Bihi)

September – November
US$70/per person/Week (for a week or 7 days)
US$10/per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7 days)

December – August US$50 per person/Week (for a week)
US$ 7 per person/Day (Beyond a week or 7days)

Tsum Valley of Gorkha District
Areas of Chhekampar and Chunchet VDCs
(Sirdibas-Lokpa-Chumling-Chhhekampar- Nile-Chhule Area)

September – November US$ 35 per person / 8 days
December – August US$25 per person / 8 days

Manaslu trek season

The following are the season to Manslu trek

1Mid-September, October, and November are Autumn Season:This is the best time to do trekking because in this time the field is full with crops, the forest is very green and there is no chance of rain.
2March, MayDuring this time the forest becomes very colorful because of rhododendron and magnolia flowers as well as very less chance of rain.
3December, January, and Februarythe sky is clear but the weather is cold and there is a risk of hailstorm and snowfall. This is not good time to trek.
4May, Junethis is Monsoon season and the least popular time to do trekking in Nepal. The risk of leeches, landslides, floods and so on.

getting manaslu trek and back from there

By Local bus

Trekkers have to go Arughat to start their trek. Getting Arughat has two options. first one is If you are an interested in a local taste then going through the local bus is a good idea. the local bus leaves from Kathmandu every early morning. it is challenging. the local bus stop often to pick up the local from the trail and drop them. The road is not so good. From Kathmandu to Dhading there is blacktop road from Dhading to onwards there is the Bumpy road. the bus is not deluxe however it is extremely cheap than hiring a private jeep. from beshishar also you can get the microbus or Bus to Kathmandu. Which is similar like from Kathmandu to Arughat.

By private jeep

There is another option hiring the jeep from both ways. if you don’t like to ride on a local bus you can hire a private jeep. private Jeep is quite expensive but more comfortable. it does not stop often. it is private so you can stop it anytime for the different purpose in a way.

Consideration while booking Manaslu trekking

there is a various option that might affect the trekking cost. for example, if you want to have a luxurious hotel, the trip would be expensive. if you want to take a private vehicle to go Arughat and back from Syange the trip cost would be high.

Here we have made 18 Days itinerary. If you have short day we can even do this in short period. It could be 14-18 days trekking. Any querries further you can click on this link and send us what you really like to do.Customize trek

here are other consideration

  • When to you want to trek? … Oct and Nov are the best months, overall
  • tent or teahouse trek you want to do? Tent tea house is expensive while teahouse is cheap.
  • porters, pack animals … or carry your own pack?
  • how many days trek you want to do? … altitude sickness is the most important consideration
  • Want to do ONLY the Manaslu Circuit? … Or add the Annapurna Circuit and/or Tsum Valley as a side trip?
  • Do you want to add extra days for sidetrips? Ganesh Himal Base Camp? Or Manaslu Base Camp?
  • The personal expenses money that you should Have
  • You must take a license holder guide to trek the Manaslu Circuit. If you want to trek independently it is impossible in any reason nowadays according to New policy of Government.
  • We will organize your permits. You need to provide at least 4 passport photographs.
  • You must be at least “group” must have a minimum of 2 trekkers.
  • Difficult part is to travel on a local bus for the 6-9hr bus ride from Kathmandu to Arughat Bazar. It’s easier from Pokhara. Alternatively, a 4WD jeep (6h) may get you there from Kathmandu more quickly but costly.
  • In Manaslu permanent snow line is above 5000m so it’s POSSIBLE to do the Circuit year round
  • footwear is critical on long hikes where you have no chance for replacement
  • “squater” pit toilets are the norm, normally smelly and unsanitary
  • Trekkers must bring warm sleeping bag, if you fill the hotel is dirt then bring your own bed sheet for you.
  • 195m metal path has been built for the 2017 season at Yaru Bagar. A second is planned for Syar Khola on the Tsum side trail.

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