guide porter hire Nepal makes your trip different. Trek in Nepal is a very unique experience but guide porter hire Nepal makes the even better experience. You have chosen Nepal for trekking which is the best place to trek more than anywhere in the world. A small Himalayan Nation Nepal, which has a Diversity of all Climate as well as Highest and Lowest elevation (60M-8848M).
You can trek in Nepal to see the tallest Himalayan Range of the World, Which includes the Everest(8,848m), Annapurna(8091m), Manaslu(8,163m), Kanchenjunga(8,586m), Makalu(8,481m), Lhotse (8,516m), Dhaulagiri (8,167m), Cho you (8,201m) and many other tallest peak. Not only in the mountain there are also beautiful landscape, nature, flora and fauna and more than 123 ethnic groups and their own dialogue.
To trek in Nepal individually is quite strange and difficult, for the trekker or traveller it is a great idea to guide porter hire Nepal. so then you can enjoy your trip to Nepal because you have already arrived here spending thousands of dollars.

Why you Need guide and porter here are some reason

While you are ready to trek Nepal you should also think about hiring guide and porter. That is very safe and beneficial for you although it is costly. There are several reasons why you need trekking guide to trek Nepal.

  • Navigation and Itineraries

    Most trekking routes in Nepal are not fairly easy to follow. But, there can be confusing places with unsigned junctions or areas so hiring guide and porter will help you to solve this matter.

  • Know about the people and cultures of the region.

    hiring a guide in nepal will help you to gain a more Knowledge about the people and cultures. Guide has good knowledge about the local and their cultures, their tradition, and lifestyle. He / She can elaborate the all the things that you want to Know

  • professional trekking guide in nepal

    professional trekking guide in Nepal are expert of the trekking trails because they have done multiple times. Maps are helpful but guide knowledge won’t be replaceable. Guides know the terrain, time of trekking hours, place for next stops and the best places to stay for overnight. They also find better accommodation in the campsite.

  • They are means of communication.

    Guide is also medium or bridge between local people and you. The guide can translate what local people say. Because local always cannot speak the English language. Sometimes the local also command you to do the things which they don’t want. They can tell your guide those things so you know.

  • Safety and Security

    You may get sick during the trek which might be because of Altitude mountain sickness or any other problems in that case your guide will be helpful to you. Sometimes you need to do quick decision when you become sick at that time you need a guide as well.The guide will help keep an eye on you and your belongings. Regarding outdoor safety, your guide will know the routes, conditions, and health concerns.

  • Culture Insights

    Guides will elaborate the local cultures, their tradition, their custom by his own knowledge as well as sometimes he/she also gets information form local and tell you the more things as well as update. They can be more fruitful to ask about the religions, local people ethnic groups, their customs and traditions. You can have insight to the history of various places and their civilization.

Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal

Trekking Guide Hire in Nepal makes your trek experience even better. Apart from showing you the trail, he/she explains to you about the area, local lifestyles, their cultures and as well as the name of the mountains. Not only this but also he could tell you about the religion, temples/monasteries, geography, local floras, and faunas, teach you the Nepali language, share culture and festivals. so it is better to hire a trekking guide to trek in Nepal.

Hire Porter Guide Nepal

Hire Porter Guide Nepal carry your stuff plus guides you for the trail and speaks a quite English but enough to communicate and understand your interest. They are pleasant, kind and sincere and as well as trustworthy on their job and stays together with you during your trekking or mountaineering in Nepal. Guides, porter cum guides are from isolated villages of Nepal.

Porter Hire in Nepal

Porter generally speaks very few English. Some of them can speak English but not that enough. They are very kind and helpful who carry your things from one destination to another destination. Who will carry up to 25 to 30 kg along the routes but usually more like 24 Kg as a maximum? They will sometimes help with route finding and may suggest good hotels.

Why Me and my team for guide porter hire Nepal

Me and my team is a multicultural team, our guides and porters have an excellent knowledge of the history, Flora and Fauna, culture, religion and traditions of the country. Me and my team is trained for and attained a Trekking Guide license provided by the Government. A guide able to get a license through a month-long training involved. It organizes by TAAN and Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management (NATHAM) every year. During the training period instructs in a variety of subjects including first aid, altitude sickness and other important issues and must have a certain level of English fluency determined in an interview. I and my team can speak fluent English or your native language and know the destination trekking trails.
With me and my team, you are fully protected we will help you to know the culture and local traditions, intermingle with the people. We know the trails and get information about the natural resources, flora, and faunas. We are very responsible for our quality, safe, friendly and economic service, many of our clients have now become our friends. Me and my team always try to give our best to make your travel and trekking fun, making sure everything runs smoothly and everybody has fun.


  • Me and my team are experienced and highly skilled in various aspects of Tourism and trekking in Nepal. We are Government License holder with proper training and examined.
  • Me and my teammates have good knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, Buddhism. They will also share with you less well-known facts about our country, Nepal.
  • we have proven track record of honesty and personal integrity.
  • Me and my team speak good English as well as other languages such as Spanish, French, Japanese and others.
  • Our team will give a special briefing each evening about your program of the next day’s activities. We will tell you likely distance to be traveled, the attraction of the day and all other relevant details. It can be great time to ask questions and discuss your day too.
  • Me and my team use to carry basic items of first aid which is commonly needed for the trekking. Some of these items are Bandages, Analgesics (painkillers) and Antiseptic etc.
  • Me and my team manage all practical aspects of your trek, including ensuring your comfort and privacy for your night’s accommodation at the end of your day. You will find the high standard of our Guides is consistent and is always considerate to all your needs.


  • Your belongings things will be safely being carried by our Porter which make you comfortable.
  • They are very careful to keep your belongings in good condition, protecting them from rain and other hazards.
  • Our porter will not walk too fast or ahead of you. They will be almost together with you. Whenever is necessary you can call them.

What is benefit of hiring guide, and porter from Lukla, Pokhara or other towns?

If you hire, guide and porter from Lukla , the main entrance to Famous Everest region treks you would save the flight cost of guide and porter which is cheaper to you likewise If you hire guide and porter from POKHARA to Annapurna Region, you do not have to pay any extra flight fares or ground transportation for guide and porter.

Price for guide and porter

GuidePorter GuidePorter
Professional English Speaking guide Normal cost per day: $25  


Price Now $ 20

Profesional, Experience Porter Guide:23 $ per DayExperience and equiped porter:21$per Day

price includes

Daily well paid wages of guide, porter guide and porter
All meals, tea, coffee and accommodation of guide, porter guide and porter
Insurances, transportation, and equipments of guide, porter guide and porter.

price excludes

Transportation charge or any flight fare if it is required.
Tipping is not obligatory but highly expected by guides and porters.

Read Our Review
Read Our Review
  • Duration:4 Night 5 Days
  • Accommodation:Bed and Breakfast
  • Group-Size1-18 Person
  • Transportation:Private Vehicle
  • Route:Kathmandu, Pokhara

Recent Client Review

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Pitor Puzer

5 – Excellent

We were in Nepal at 4 march 2018 to 22 March 2018. We did Manaslu larke pass trekking with Shreeram and his team. He was totally perfect with all licensed and another thing. He made a permit with his Company Gokyo Treks and Expedition. We were 4 People from Poland. we was very nervous before getting to Nepal.After we met Mr Shreeram we were so happy and lucky to get the guide like that. He was so kind, Knowledgeable, educative, experienced and well-equipped guide

Best trek i have ever done
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Patric Hermanan

5 – Excellent

In 2017 May, we made off the beaten trek to Khopra ridge / khayar lake. Shreeram was very helpful in communication with fast respond and friendly. We trek about 10 days with our outstanding Guide Shreeram and smiling porters Dependra, Raj and Ramesh. Our guide booked room in advance by phone and took us over the Khopra hill, the view was almost outstanding and better than poonhill. It proves that he and his team were far better than a good company. The whole entire team members are caring…

Best Trekking Guide Team
Reviewed Trek: Khopra trek
David Jhones

5 – Excellent

There are certain things that should be on the perfect guide Mr Shreeram is the Example of of this. We got a exceptional service from him. We booked the trip from Germany. We had a lot of discussions before we go to Nepal. We were so much excited to explore the Nepal by ourself. 4 member of us went to Nepal March 18 2018, at first we were so confused about choosing the route. he gave us idea of Khopra trek with poon hill. we wanted to go peaceful place. so we have chosen this one. We were glad that we choose that.

Awesome Poon Hill Trek With Fantastic Team
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Moritz Langenbuch

5 – Excellent

We were 5 German. we had very short holiday. Before we went to Nepal we talked with Mr Shreeram (Our Guide). We booked the trip with him. We had no experience before we went to Nepal. He managed everything perfectly. He is great guide. He also did sightseeing in Kathmandu valley. Patan and Bhaktapur was our best at Kathmandu. He told us history, art culture and religion. We were shocked to see the Hindu cremation at Pashupatinath temple. We did sightseeing in Pokhara. Pokhara was a fabulous city.

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Silke Lehaman

5 – Excellent

i am very delightful to say that our Guide Mr Shreeram thapaliya has done everything perfectly to make our trip successful. We were 4 people in our group. we booked the trip from online. He gave us a lot of information regarding the trip. we asked all the things one by one and we got all answer perfectly.
when we are on trek. the management was just perfect. The guide was so awesome. we asked many things to him. He had a perfect knowledge about everything. his team were so amazing we were so happy with his service.

Best Guide For Manaslu
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Stefan Banaskiwz

5 – Excellent

We booked him for someone recommendation for October 2017. we were there from 6 October to 24 October. We had a sightseeing in Kathmandu which was an amazing experience for the people like us. we were very surprised to see the monuments and history of Nepal. He toured us to Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, and Boudhanath for a single day. Next day we went trekking. Shreeram is a very knowledgeable guide. He is a professional post graduate from University. We were 6 members but very slow