Annapurna base camp trek from Indonesia

September 1, 2018 2 Responses Shreeram

Here is what Yudhi Ismayadi says about his annapurna base camp trek from Indonesia

BIG DAY .. August 24 2018, The Mission (annapurna base camp trek from indonesia) has Accomplished ..
Finally, it was also at Annapurna Base Camp …
after all this time it was one of my dreams in ..

Annapurna base camp trek from Indonesia
Thank you for my wife Yosian Rheine who wanted to accompany the road up and down several mountains ( That’s why the L3B Faperta UNPAD must follow along with using the rain and getting leeches too many times.

In some of these photos the scenery looks really good but it doesn’t take the struggle and prayers to get here …
Meet two Indonesian guys when it rains on the way up to ABC and they go down, it feels really happy because we just don’t know the two who are far away here ..
What a pity, I see the old man who ported the fridge (???) and some other things tied up to be transported with the head on his shoulders …
Annapurna base camp trek
All the stories are mixed up …
Not to mention missing my children Audinisa Fadhila who just arrived in Stockholm and Diandra Zahra Karima, who is the architect in Bali, was hit by an earthquake, and the two youngest children (the big ones) Michael Yusuf and Michelle Aysha at home …
The story goes tomorrow the journey from Jhinu Danda returns to Pokhara via Shumi (3 hours walk ) and Nayapul (use the jeep rental there

Annapurna base camp trek from Indonesia people

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2 Responses

  1. waah kerennnn selamat sudah sampai ABC
    halo pa Yudhi, saya rencana maret 2018 kesana
    mau tanya untuk sewa guide kena brp ya pak ?
    guide itu start dari KTM atau Pokhara ya pak ?
    terima kasih

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