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Have you ever listened that Nepal is a top trekking destination? Are you making plan to come Nepal? If you haven't, then you are missing something that you should not miss! Nepal is not only beautiful but also an adventure hub. Travelers who travel Nepal get an unforgettable experience in aspect of Nature as well as warm welcoming hospitality of Nepalese. Nepal The land of the Himalayas and country of Mt Everest always welcome you to explore its beauty and uniqueness in culture. Nepal has many wonders that are marvelous. From the sky touching Himalayan landscapes to the rich cultural valley. From the Lowest land 60 ft to 29,029 there are vivid things that others country doesn’t have. Walk on deep Himalayan windy valley through heavenly alpine forests and green pastures. Trekking in Nepal Himalayas is a undeniable things in a life.

Nepal Trek Hub Pvt Ltd presents comprehensive well customized travel and trekking in Nepal. We have been customizing traveler’s holiday since 2008 and still we are doing in our best level. We focus on the travelers need rather than pushing them to the certain program. Programs we offer are always tailor made and modify as per need of clients in the tour/trek time as well. We have specially measured the camp and their importance for your trek/tour completion in Nepal. Our Guide are local and trained well as well as well manner. As they are our representative they are very aware of traveler’s needs as well as their satisfaction. We manage everything by coordination with guide and porter-guide as well as tour guide. So we welcome you to Nepal to do trek, tour, rafting, peak climbing, hiking and all activities to in Nepal. We offer the best price it is our guarantee. Read More

Travelling with us means you are supporting for the poor students education.

We are not only doing business but also supporting the education of really poor child for their education. In Nepal there are many children who can’t go to school due to economic problem. Yes the education from the government is free but there is some logistic arrangement which children family has to manage. Which creates extra burden for the family so the reason there are still family who are not sending their children to school. As education is the foundation of the life and their personal rights too, we are encouraging such kind of poor students to go school by supporting their stationery, dress and some hygienic related goods to students. A small effort can play a vital role at least few students not all but that is also an improvement. We believe giving supports to children can motivate their family and themselves to the path of success. For a children sponsorship we do not charge extra amount on travel packages but we separate from our profit.

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Pokhara a paradise landmark of Nepal The city Pokhara is Nepal’s number 1 adventure and leisure destination, This is also a trekking gateway to the Annapurna Himalayan trekking trails. Most of people go to pokhara for entertainment and pleasure. A wide range of Environment and nature can be feel here. The sky crapper Annapurna mountain […]

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Suryachaur hiking

Suryachaur hiking is the best for to see the tallest Himalayas of Nepal. Kakani to suryachaur hiking is a best destination for hiking. The Himalayan nation has a more than 6,000 Peaks on its north border linking with Tibet. In this range there are 8 peaks including Mt Everest. Hiking to the Himalaya might take […]

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Poon hill trek guide

A complete information of poon hill trek from poon hill trek guide So you want to do the Poon hill trek in Nepal, congratulation ! you have chosen the right trek trail in Nepal. Here is the information that you should gain before you go to trek to Nepal view from poon hill 3210M, trekkers […]

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  • Travel the river in a dug-out canoe and seek out the Bengal Tigers and Rhesus Monkeys of Chitwan National Park.
  • Fly past majestic mountains and enchanting forests on your helicopter flight to Langtang Village.
  • Go bungee jumping off the longest suspension bridge in Nepal.
  • Visit the beautiful Swayambhunath complex in Kathmandu, known also as the Monkey Temple.
  • Trek the steps to heaven route on your way up to the Mount Everest Base Camp.
  • Spend a day white water rafting the Trisuli River and the night relaxing in your tent, camping under the stars.
  • Go paragliding for an aerial view of the Barahi Temple, a pagoda erected in the center of the Phewa Lake.
  • Do tour around kathmandu valley ie Bhaktapur, Patan, Pashupatinath and Kathmandu Durbar Square


  • Nepali is the official language in Nepal, but English is widely spoken
  • The currency of Nepal is the Nepali rupee. Credit cards are widely accepted in tourist areas but not in smaller towns. ATM are plentiful in most cities.
  • Try the national dish of Daal Bhaat but stay away from the water. Bottled water is readily available.
  • Don not leave Nepal without a Thankas painting, a prayer wheel and a Singing Bowl.
  • Dressing with modesty is advisable. Keep shoulders and chest areas covered especially when visiting religious sites.
  • Tipping is not mandatory but it is common. Between 5-10% is acceptable and appreciated.
  • Try a cup of chiya, black tea infused with cinnamon, cardamom and cloves.
  • Greeting people in Nepal involves placing your palms together in a prayer style and saying "namaste".

Popular tour in Nepal

Tour in Nepal. It can be done any time in a year. The country itself a paradise. The country is full of a mountain in the north, side while in the south terai. There are 10 world heritage sites, among them, 7 is in the Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu valley is the historical city where there are three royal palaces. Royal palaces another name is durbar square. Patan, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur are three cities inside the valley.